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My teaching draws from a broad range of influences, from  comprehensive training in anatomy, intuitive healing, osteopathic foundations, TCM, massage and somatic therapy techniques.


Memory Therapy Yoga works with the foundation that everything is connected. In these sessions, I guide you into a specific memory or emotion that is blocking you. Using restorative and Yin yoga principles, we sustain positions for extended periods of time to dive deep into the subconscious. Using breath control, visualisations, mantra, meditation techniques and emotional release exercises, the practice helps you access the well of resource within.




Slow, simple movement with long holds and multiple props for ultimate support and relaxation. There is an emphasis on somatic enquiry, watching subtle sensations and controlling the breath to calm the nervous system. See how simple movement can teach us so much about ourselves. A deeply restorative practice for all levels.



The Akhanda Yoga lineage emphasises a sustainable and self-compassionate practice. Class themes are playful and creative, incorporating principles of grounding VS extension, yin/yang, refined alignment and a dedication to include the philosophical, jnana aspects of the tradition. Slow but strong classes where beginners can modify.

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