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full cracked mac Dilip: do you know what you are talking about? I may be wrong, if your not qualified, stop commenting and leave it to the staff and the experts. Posted by: andy_okay on March 24, 2007 11:50 AM My apologies to all the above posters. I always reply to every comment on a topic as I find it important. I do try to verify the information. I was unfortunate to be absent on the evening of Friday, March 16 when some of the above posters questioned the validity of the information provided. I felt I had to reply as I believe that the discussion could not be left at that point and there was a need for clarification of the issues. Mr Gartner's article contains a number of points that I do not agree with but I am more than willing to accept that he is entitled to his views. As such, I will stop commenting on the the above articles for the time being. In the interests of fairness, the comments that I make below will be without prejudice to my comments made on other threads. 'there is no point arguing with the software manufacturer. It's "designed that way"'. I can only assume that this is a comment directed to Mr Gartner. I disagree with his assumption. I can show you where people can purchase the original software for free. I can also show you where people can purchase an alternative version of PowerDVD 7 for free. I am not suggesting that everyone who does not purchase the original PowerDVD 7 should do so. I am however suggesting that it is perfectly possible to run the PowerDVD 7 software without paying for it, and that it is perfectly possible to provide a link to someone who can provide this software to you free of charge. I am also suggesting that the software manufacturer could provide the same functionality by providing a modified version of their software that operates in a similar manner to PowerDVD 7 but does not make money for them. Would any of this be helpful or is it just another advertisement for your product? Posted by: jonathan on March 24, 2007 12:10 PM I hope that a more level headed view can prevail at this site - I for one welcome all comments. We are talking about our livelihoods here - and I am pleased that Dave does not mind engaging in a debate, or even '




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