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Meditation, like yoga asana, is a practice. It is a central tenant to the tradition. It is so very easy to let it fall by the wayside however. "I'll do it later when I can find the time", "When things have calmed down for me", "After that phone call I'll get to it", "Maybe after..." That kind of dialogue with ourselves is a self-fulfilling prophecy to nowhere. Like the gym, or reading, or picking up that instrument and teaching yourself something new. The problem with the all these kinds of activities we vow to engage with more, is that our driving force motivating us just isn't strong enough.

I don't purport to be more anymore saintly than you, in fact, my inconsistencies are so present that I probably speak from a position of shameful authority in the department of procrastination. So I have to tell myself the following scenario, without meditation, I suffer. I feel my spiritual muscle weaken, my compassion shrink and my overall mental health deteriorate. Everyday I don't practice is a reminder of how easy it is to fall back into old patterns, re-living old patterns of negativity, fabricated by my mind's own sabotaging power and tendency towards deception by comparison- that's where I forget what and how my life is now. So if you can tell yourself one story, try convincing yourself of another. Give yourself a 1 day challenge, then 2, and see how quickly this transforms into habit that you cannot live and thrive without. Living with boundaries is infinitely more productive than a sense of freedom with no structure. It's ironic, but true.

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