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Happy International Yoga Day 2020

Yoga. ⁣

What does the word in context actually mean, for you? Many may be lured initially by its aerobic side, or stretching simply to feel good. But in reality, what does it begin to teach us? ⁣

For me, it was a doorway to understanding that who I am is not my thoughts, not even my body. As esoteric as that may sound, once you embark on this path, the reality of that experience becomes so much more real than the narrative you make for yourself. Sure, you may think you are defined by the material world; the brands you idolize, the people you objectify and the possessions that end up owning you, it’s part of the identity of being human in the modern world. But once you begin to dig underneath that little story, you get to meet yourself completely disrobed and raw. ⁣

Yoga for me is not your lifestyle, it’s not your body and most certainly not your mind. For me, yoga is the practice of unraveling into the unknown, from where I can emerge and be reminded to live as honestly as I can. In my relationships, in my line of work, in the judgments I do and do not make, and ultimately, the actions I take to make my life an authentic one.⁣


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