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Emotional Agility

Listen to Susan David's staggeringly beautiful TED Talk discussing the importance of emotional agility in our modern day world.

There are many examples in life where I can now apply this logic. In particular, I think of my decision to change career path at quite a young age. At the time working in the art world, my reverence for all things art felt unshakeable. The glamour of working so intimately with art of such historical significance carried and still caries a huge pull for many. Having been privy to the inner goings-on of the art world made the lure stronger. My acceptance into this exclusive realm somehow validated me. The parties, the private views, the esteemed collectors, the sheer wealth of it all - it was all so attractive.

But not for long.

My doubts were quiet at first but eventually, loud enough for me to change track and pursue working in yoga and health. These niggling concerns, I realise now, were messengers telling me that my work in this world was not aligned with my values. This doesn't mean everyone working in that world is not valid or morally defect, there is plenty of beauty and integrity in pursuing creativity in that field. In the end, it just wasn't the world for ME. In another life, I may have endured it with pleasure, but what do they say?

You only have one life in this body. Listen to it, live it.

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